Tea Smoked Chicken: So Simple, So Shiok

The best recipes are those that are simple yet satisfying.  There should be a phrase that captures this idea in a more sexy way.  Something like “Bang for the Buck” except that it refers to recipes that are relatively simple to do and yet gets oohs and ahhhs all around the table.    Perhaps I should call such recipes “So Simple, So Shiok” recipes.  So far that is what I can come up with.  If you can think of an even sexier phrase, please let me know.

I learnt this tea smoked chicken recipe from the Chef at Eastern House of Seafood.  When Alvin first introduced us to the dish, everyone around the table were so impressed with it that I went to the kitchen to find out how it was done.  Over the next two to three visits I eventually got the gist of it.  Unlike a lot of my other recipes which take me quite a few tries to get it right, this one was a straightaway success.  That is how simple it is.  It isn’t like the Pandan Chiffon Cake or Japanese Cheesecake recipe which I spent countless hours trying to get it right.  It’s like, buy a chicken, and “BAM!” it’s done and everyone said it was fantastic — even my wife!

So, here is what you need:

Chicken 1 whole
Salt 2 tsp
Chicken powder 2 tsp

Uncooked rice 1/4 cup
Chinese tea leaves 1/4 cup
Sugar 2 Tbsp


1. Marinade chicken with salt and chicken powder
2. Leave in fridge for 6 hrs or overnight
3. Steam chicken for 30 mins. Keep the chicken dripping
4. Line the wok with aluminum foil and add the tea, rice and sugar
5. Turn on the burner. Once smoke appears, smoke chicken for 8 mins or until it turns to a nice bronze colour

6. Rest for 10 mins. Chop the chicken and serve with chicken dripping

Enjoy the oohs and ahhs all round the table!

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Do you keep the fire on when smoking the chicken? If so, small or big fire?

Once the smoke starts, you are lower the flame.

What weight of chicken do you use? 1.2kg?

1-1.2 kg is fine

Thank you

Hi, thanks for sharing. I tried but didn’t work. Maybe it’s because I added some water at base of pot before placing the aluminium foil as I was worried pot will burn. Will the pot not burn without any water below?

Oh no, it won’t work with water at the bottom. If you are using cast iron pot it won’t burn. If it is stainless steel, it might turn brown.

Where to get the tea leaves?

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