King’s Fish Soup: Savvy 21st Century Hawkers

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It’s interesting to observe how our hawkers are evolving. If you think that the typical hawker is your dialect speaking, internet unsavvy, middle aged Auntie/Uncle, then think again. There is a new generation of young and hip hawkers that will transform the local hawker scene during our lifetimes.

These young hawkerpreneurs don’t start with the concept of opening just one stall to sell their food. No, they incorporate a Pte Ltd company with the vision of opening chain stalls. They think about the marketing aspects of their dishes, trying to differentiate on quality, and carving out a niche for themselves by focusing on key competitive advantages.

Now why am I saying all this? Well, its because King’s Fish Soup is just one great example of the 21st century hawker. The lady (one of our blog readers) who invited us to her stall turned out to be no hawker mama. She’s young, attractive and also happens to hold the title of the Business Development Manager!

The food also reflects modern thinking.

Traditionally, fish soup tends to be Teochew in origin, but these people proudly declare that theirs is Cantonese Fish Soup. According to them, its different because its been boiled longer and they have the addition of the shredded deep fried eggs on top. They also make the big point that there is no MSG added to the soup. Rather then using the cheaper Dory for the fried fish, they use fresh Batang for better flavour.

I found the fried fish very tasty and the deep fried eggs are sinfully good. But redemption for that sin comes from the MSG free soup which was tasty and sweet, although with no MSG, it did lack that extra ooomph. 4/5


MSG free soup and fried Batang fish sets this stall apart from the rest. And of course, you get to order from a Business Development Manager cum Customer Relations Officer!

Disclaimer: We were invited to review this stall by Claire

King’s Fish Soup

Blk 6 #02-18 Tanjong Pagar, Plaza Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

Opening hours:

11:00 AM to 7:00 PM





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