Jane’s Cake Station: Jalan Kayu’s Two Trick Pony

Durian Cake $42
Durian Cake $42

With Singapore progressing so rapidly in culinary sophistication, it is amazing to see Jane’s Cake Station still holding its own with just its two signature cakes whose recipe hasn’t been changed for ages!  But ask around about where to buy Singapore’s best chocolate fudge or durian cake and Jane’s Cake Station would invariably pop up.

Chocolate Fudge Cake $36
Chocolate Fudge Cake $36

Now, let me just say from the outset that the cakes at Jane’s are in no way as sophisticated as the new patisseries that have sprouted out all over town.  So please don’t go all the way to Jalan Kayu expecting Valhorna Chocolate and Mao Shan Wang durians.   What you will find are old school cakes made with the same ordinary ingredients which they have been made with before the influx of all the gourmet ingredients which has recently flooded our island. Yet, there was something about the Chocolate Fudge Cake that has managed to find a special place in my gastronomic heart.  I must admit that my first impression when I took my first bite was that the cake was not chocolatey enough.  With all the fine chocolate establishments dishing out gourmet chocolates in Singapore, the chocolate fudge tasted like watered down coffee in comparison.  But, the moist texture and the smooth, light fudge has an endearing quality about it which really became even more appealing after I tasted the Awfully Chocolate version of the cake later that week.  The other factor which helped tip the scales to Jane’s favour is the huge price difference.  Jane’s 8 inch cake was $36 compared to $68 for the 8 inch at Awfully Chocolate’s.  I am sure of course that the chocolate used at Awfully Chocolate was from some European estate so you are paying for the superior quality chocolate.  But as I said, my personal preference was for Jane’s because it was light, moist and satisfying.  4.5/5


Jane started making durian cakes from home in the 80’s when she was inspired by the durian cakes from Goodwood Park Hotel.  In those days, durian cakes were still a novelty and not as readily available as they are today.  Before long, she got so famous that she opened Jane’s Cake Station where she has continued baking her durian cake. The chocolate fudge cake was added to the menu later on. I wasn’t as taken with the durian cake as I was with the chocolate fudge.  I felt that the durian filling was a little too light and would have preferred a more robust and pungent durian filling.  However, the sponge was wonderfully light and moist even when it was straight out of the fridge. 4/5



Not many cake shops can have the gumption of selling only two cakes.  The fact that Jane’s has been able to do so for so long says something about the cakes here.  Their chocolate fudge cake is not only very good, it’s great value too when compared to the competition.

Jane's Cake Station

265 Jalan Kayu
Singapore 799493
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Opening hours:

Mon-Sat: 12:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Sun & Ph: 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM



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Hey i remeber this shop. I got my 21st birthday cake from here. It was the most amazing chocolate fudge ever!!

Do they sell by slice?

No, they don’t.

A slice wouldn’t be enough.Trust me?

those who can survive that long in food and beverage business must have bought their shop long time back. Look at the next door roti prata, Thasevi. They can rival any similar business without paying rent.

just to add on, in F & B business,your other concern is salaries of staffs and increase in ingredients (these are the 2 other headaches). One of the biggest headaches is rent which in the case of Jane’s cake shop, the rent is zero out by the cake shop owner, Jane’s purchase.

$48 now

Thanks for the update!

We had a durian cake from the above shop. It was quite a disappointment .

The cake was very creamy and you could hardly taste the durian and the sponge cake was hard.

Even though it was slightly cheaper at 1.3kg for $78 than Goodwood Park Hotel’s signature Durian Sponge cake 1kg@$79, we really regret making the choice to try this cake for the price.

I think if small business like the above shop who only has 2 signature items , then they really have to ensure the quality of the cake.

Thanks for your feedback. Its been sometime since I have been back at Jane’s. Sad to hear of your bad experience.

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