Ieat Supper Session this Saturday!

Please note: Tickets have been sold out.

The Singapore Food Festival 2009 is upon us and there is going to be lots of eating to do in the coming weeks!

We are taking this opportunity to organize an ieat Supper Session this Saturday in conjunction with the Super Supper Madness event at Chinatown Food Street.

What is happening is that we will be involved in setting the record for the most number of people eating chilli crabs. They will be setting up a super long table and we have arranged for one section to be reserved for ieatishootipost readers. The chilli crab will be provided by Boon Tat Seafood.

After the chilli crabs there will be some activities on stage by DJs from Love 972 and then we will use our $25 worth of tokens to buy food from any of the 15 participating stalls along Smith Street, then head back to our table to feast. It would be a great opportunity to meet with kakis from our forum and facebook group!

So come, bring your friends and family and join our supper makan session!

Event Details:
Date: 18th July 2009, Saturday
Venue: Chinatown Food Street (Smith Street)
Time: 830pm – 12 Midnight
Ticket Price: ieatishootipost readers special price $12.50 (usual $15)
There will be a special section reserved for ieatishootipost readers.

Each ticket is entitled to a lucky draw, the Chilli Crab feast plus $25 worth of tokens which can be used at more than 20 participating stalls:

Some of the Stalls are:

  1. Da Dong Dim Sum
  2. New Generation Desserts
  3. City Satay
  4. Ah Balling Peanut Soup
  5. Local Delights
  6. Food Street Fried Kway Teow
  7. Smith Street Prawn Noodles
  8. Select Hot & Cold Drinks
  9. BBQ Otah, Squid, Bacon with Mushroom/Asparagus, Chicken with Green Pepper, Chicken Mid Wings, Baked Scallop, Hotate, Crabstrick, Prawns and Pork
  10. Fei Fei Wanton Mee
  11. Hwa Kee Tai Pai Tong (Thai Food)
  12. Your Choice Nasi Padang
  13. Boon Tat Street Seafood
  14. Select Fruits and Juices

What to do:

Register by calling 64747909. Make sure you mention ieatshootipost so that you will get the special price and a seat at the ieatishootipost section. You will need to pick up the tickets on Saturday between 6pm to 7.30pm and be seated by 8.30pm at our section. Bring your family and friends and let’s supp together and be a part of Singapore’s most number of people eating chilli crabs!

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