Hum Jin Pang: Ikea style Food: Do it yourself and pay less! Maxwell Food Centre Part 8 of 8

We almost gave this one a miss. At 7 Hum Chim Pangs for a dollar, I assumed that the people who are lining up were just all very Gian Chia (Love a good deal). The HCPs all looked so small, oily and black that it hardly looked appetizing.

The queue was about 5 persons long, so like Vultures, we just looked, went somewhere else and circled back. There was this lady who was hogging the wok for like more than 20 minutes. You would think she was one of the workers there, except for the fact that she had makeup on and was wearing a 1 color suit. Aiya, sister, you want to fry so badly, you can always buy some oil and do this at home what!! Apparently she bought $10 worth of HCP!! Things people do for a good deal!!

So anyway, I gave up waiting. But fortunately for me, some of my other makankakis were more patient and waited in line. Unlike most other HCPs, the five spice salt on this one is on the outside of the HCP and the oil in the wok was all black because of all the five spice salt in the oil.

After frying, the HCP was dipped into sugar. Phwaaa, the my first bite was like hitting a hole in one! How come nobody else does it this way? The sweet sugar crystals combined with the crispy savoury skin followed by the fragrant soft HCP inside was to die for! Phwaa Lao Ay!! My makankakis who had been waiting in line for so long ended up buying only $1 worth of HCP! What were you all thinking!!


Not just cheap, very cheap. Not just good, very good! And, I am willing to wait the next time I come to Maxwell FC. I think that says it all. 4.5/5

Update 26 Nov 2006:
Today I stood in line and waited 20 mins, holding my daughter and shouting at my son to get my $2 worth of HCP!! Still loving it!

With smart, SurprisePocket, jezzz and iwatch_ueat

Hum Jin Pang

Maxwell Food Centretmaps

Opening hours:

4:30 pm to 8:00 pm

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