Glutinous Rice Recipe: Super Easy, Super Nice!

This style of glutinous rice was a regular feature in our household when I was growing up as a kid.  It usually makes its appearance during festive occasions and can be eaten on its own or as a filling for png kueh (peach shaped glutinous rice cakes).  The traditional recipe is quite laborious.  The ingredients have to be fried first in a wok and then the glutinous rice is added and fried. Then the rice is transferred to a steamer to be steamed till the rice is cooked through.   Since most people don’t have big steamers at nowadays, this dish is not so frequently cooked at home.

With the Tefal Pro Induction Spherical Bowl  Rice Cooker, I managed to came up with a super easy way of making this glutinous rice dish which I never thought possible previously.The rice cooker is able to be programmed to do stir frying.  By switching to DIY mode and setting the temperature to 160°C, you can stir fry all the ingredients directly in the spherical non-stick pot.  Then just add the glutinous rice directly into the pot, mix the rice with the ingredients and switch the cooker to “glutinous rice” mode.  It took me about three tries to get the proportion of the water and the rice soaking time correct but the result is as good as the glutinous rice which I used to make in a wok and steamer!  What’s more, the Spherical shaped bowl provides optimal heating circulation for a delicious evenly cooked dish!

With this CNY recipe, I upped the game by adding dried scallops and chestnuts to this glutinous rice recipe. To make things easier for yourself, buy those ready to eat chestnuts from the snack section of the supermarket.  They have already been roasted and peeled and they are perfect for this dish. If you have wax duck, liver sausages or preserved pork, you can add those too!  To make things even more interesting, add some jamon Iberico de bellota.   That will surely make all your guests go “wow!”

CNY Prosperity Glutinous Rice
Serves 6-8


Group A
Glutinous Rice 4 cups (Wash and soak for 2 hours and strain)
XO Lup Cheong 2 pieces diced
Dried Mushrooms 8 (30g)
Dried Shrimps 1/2 cup (50g)
Dried scallops 1/2 cup (50g)
Roasted chestnuts 2 packets (or 1 can of braised peanuts)
Pork neck or belly 250g
Shallots 5 chopped
Garlic 3 chopped
Chicken powder 2 tsp

Group B
Oyster sauce 1 Tbsp
Cornflour 1 tsp
Water 1 Tbsp

Fried shallots
Green onions chopped
Chilli sliced
XO sauce (optional)

Wash and soak glutinous rice for 2 hours and strain.

Soak scallops, dried prawns, mushrooms for 1/2 hour and drain, saving liquid.  Slice mushrooms into thin strips. Slice pork into thin strips and marinade with ingredients in Group B.

Turn rice cooker on DIY mode and set for 160c for 20mins. Add 3 Tbsp oil and add chopped shallots. Fry till shallots are just turning colour and add garlic and fry till fragrant.  Add pork and fry till just cooked. Add the scallops, prawns, lup cheong and fry briefly.  Add rice and mix with ingredients evenly. Add 2.5 cups of the soaking liquid and top up the water till the rice is just covered. Add chestnuts and 2 tsp chicken powder to the pot. and mix. Switch the cooker to “glutinous rice” mode and cook until the cooker beeps.  Fluff the rice and scoop into a bowl. Top with garnish and serve.

Tip:  Don’t leave the rice in the cooker in warm mode for too long as the rice will continue to soften.  Scoop out the rice once it is cooked to maintain the texture of the rice.

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This recipe idea was brought to you by Tefal

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Woah!! That looks so good! Almost like a fried rice without the frying…haha! What were the words you used to describe nucleotides and glutamates? I am not familiar with them.

I was referring to umami compounds. Seafoods contain inosinates, mushrooms guanylates and things like seaweed contain glutamates. Inosinates and guanylates help boost the effect of glutamates on the umami receptors on the tongue. These three compounds are used in many snacks and you can recognize them by their E numbers. Glutamate E621, Inosinate E631, Guanylate E627. The cheaper snacks will only have E621 while the more expensive ones will use all three to boost the flavour.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I have known them as nucleotides and glutamates. AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN goes in-depth to describe them.

Yes, the nucleotide they are referring to in Shitake mushrooms is guanylate. The nucleotide in fish is inosinate.

cheem Discussion haha


Your glutinous rice recipe looks amazing, Dr Leslie! 🙂 Can I add some dark soya sauce (for colouring purpose) and discard the soaking liquid for the dried shrimps? I find the shrimp soaking liquid’s flavour too salty and overpowering…don’t quite like it. By doing so, will it change the flavour of this dish drastically?

It will be absolutely fine to do that!

Hi Dr Leslie, if I do not have the Tefal induction cooker but just a normal rice cooker that can cook sticky rice mode, am I right to say that I can fry the shallots, garlic, pork, lup Cheong, dried scallops and prawns separately in a pan first before throwing them in the rice cooker?

Can I use a regular rice cooker to cook this dish?

I don’t know. My Tefal rice cooker has a special glutinous rice function. Normally, if you cook glutinous rice in a rice cooker, it will all turn into a gooey mess.

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