Cherry Gardens: Dim Sum for that special occasion

Crystal pacific grouper dumpling

If you ever need to find a place to impress your future mother-in-law and pop the question to your future father-in-law, then bringing them to Cherry Gardens for Dim Sum might make it a bit more difficult for them to say no.

Afterall, a future son-in-law who is willing to splurge over $100 just for ONE dim sum dish can’t be all bad, especially if he has just started on a new job after completing NS.

Yes, this is the type of Dim Sum place for that special occasion or business lunch where you need to impress. And the way to impress them is to order their symphony of live pacific grouper which will be prepared in three ways. The first course is the crystal dumpling where the fish fillets are wrapped in crystal skin, then steamed with soy sauce and ginger. How much you have to pay is dependent on how big a fish you order and how big a fish you order will depend on how desperate you are to impress.

But I jest…. or maybe not.

You don’t really have to order the live pacific grouper. It can still be quite impressive if you just brought them here for the normal Dim Sum as the rest of the dishes are also very good. (You just have to make sure that the future in-laws don’t already know that there is the special live pacific grouper dumpling or else, not ordering it might still make you look like a stingy fella).

They have quite a wide variety here, but one of the items that impressed me most was the Kurobuta Charsiew bao. They are probably one of the best Hong Kong style Charsiew Baos I have come across. 4.5/5 I heard their Kurobuta Sio Bak and Charsiew here are also well worth the calories, so that is on my next “to eat” list.

The other impressive dumpling is the Teochew crystal dumpling. Actually, it is the skin of the dumpling which impressed me most. Beautifully transparent yet with an excellent level of chewiness, it perfectly complemented the crunchy vegetables in the dumpling. 4.25/5


Great place for Dim Sum for that special occasion.

First recommended to me by Damien

I was invited to give my opinion of this Dim Sum by Cuisine & Wine Asia magazine whose article was published in their June issue.

Cherry Gardens

5 Raffles Avenue 5F Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Opening hours:

6885 3538

Other Info

Weekend ala carte dim sum buffet $45++

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