Ipoh Handmade Pau: Family Run Pau Stall in Eunos

Family Run Pau Stall

I have a soft spot for paus. Whenever I pass by a handmade pau shop, I am always tempted to try their big pau, charsiu pau and siu mai. There was a time when most coffee shops would make their own pau. Then came the introduction of factory-made pau which plunged Singapore into the pau dark ages! Thankfully, the last fifteen years have seen a growing popularity of handmade pau stalls. However, it is still not common to see an entirely family-run pau stall.

This stall at Eunos was introduced to me by the boss of JB Ah Meng whom I bumped into when I was eating bak chor mee at Famous Eunos Bak Chor Mee. Being a foodie, he also roams around Singapore for good food and has high praises for Ipoh Handmade Pau.

The owner of the stall, Carol Moh is a native of Ipoh who arrived in Singapore to work in the 1990’s. For years, she had been making paus at home for their consumption. It wasn’t until 2022 that she decided to open her pau stall in Geylang Lor 31 at the urging of her eldest son. Now she is joined by 2nd son, Max who had just completed NS, and her future daughter-in-law (eldest son) at the stall.

Big Pau $2

Focus on quality ingredients

Carol tells me that the difference between Ipoh-style pau and Singapore-style pau lies in the meat filling. In Ipoh, they tend to favor more flavor from the seasoning. They marinade the pork for at least 2 days and she insists on using quality ingredients like premium Chinese wine ($17 a bottle), sesame oil and soy sauce. I didn’t find her Ipoh style pau that much different from our local pau, but I have to agree that the meat filling is juicy and flavourful and I like the crunch of the jicama (bung guang) inside. The skin could be slightly thinner but overall, it is very good. 4.25/5

Top: Big Pau and Ye Zhi Mei Pau side by side. Ye Zhi Mei Pau $4.50

XL Ye Zhi Mei Pau

If you are looking for something more substantial, you can go for the Ye Zhi Mei pau which has extra ingredients like lup cheong sausages and mushrooms. I used to love these XL paus, but nowadays, just one of these would fill me up for the whole day! Still, it is nice to have the sausage and extra ingredients inside! 4/5

Siu Mai $1

Siu Mai and other items

Their siu mai is also quite nice. The meat has a nice texture and most importantly it tastes fresh and doesn’t have any porky aroma. 4.25/5

Their char siu bao is good but not something you need to go out of your way to eat 4/5 while the fan choy and lo mai gai are pretty average. 3.5/5 I am still looking for Singapore’s best fan choy and lo mai gai! If you have any recommendations, please let me know! Their coffee pau is quite fragrant with a distinct coffee aroma which is worth trying! 4/5


This family-run pau shop in Eunos is worth visiting if you are looking for big pau, ye zhi mei pau and siu mai. The owner is a lady from Ipoh who is passionate about making pau and still makes the paus herself daily!

Ipoh Hand Made Pau

Eunos Cres, Blk 7
Singapore 400007
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Opening hours:

6:30 am to 5:50 pm





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D’Bun, in my opinion, has good Fan Choy. Have you eaten it before?

Thanks! I will try it next time!

Is there any pao that is better than tanjung rhu’s one?

Her Feng Xiang shop at Blk 325 Clementi Ave 5 #01-143 sells nice Big Bao, Char Siew Bao, my favorites 🙂

Bought the baos yesterday. But I realized the char siew bao has less char siew in. Think the staff has put less ingredient in ! Btw, the food will increase the price wef 15 May.

Am referring to the Clementi shop (Her Feng Xiang). As there are at least 3 – 4 staff preparing the baos etc, maybe the staff added in less. I bought 4 char siew baos, the rest of the baos are ok. Can try glutinous rice, not bad. Don’t buy Fan Choy, so so only.

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