Big Scissors Curry Rice: Maxwell Food Centre Part 4 of 8

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What really catches your eye at this Stall is the variety of different dishes that you don’t usually see at the usual Chap Chye Peng (Variety of dishes with rice) Stall. We already tasted food from 8 different stalls, so we were already quite full and have expended 2 days worth of calories. BUT, all the food here looks so nice……. just a little won’t hurt…..

The problem with doing a review of a Chap Chye Peng stall is that there are so many different dishes that you really don’t know where to start. That’s where the other really good thing about the stall stepped in. Aunty Elizabeth was this really pleasant looking lady who spoke such impeccable English that you suddenly realise that people in her generation were really taught proper English by proper Englishpeople (Politically incorrect to use Englishmen nowsadays sic). Anyway she was so nice to talk to that we just had to try her food.

Now, we only tried a few dishes like the tofu in the first picture and the black pepper chicken in the 2nd. But what really got us talking was this Assam Stingray. There was something about the sauce that kept me spooning the sauce into my mouth when my head is telling me that the stomach is begging him to tell my hand to stop! We give the Assam Fish a 4.5/5, but the other two dishes were quite ordinary 3.5/5. Conclusion Gotta come back another day to find more 4.5 dishes! PS: Aunty keeps refusing to let me take a pic of her. I suspect she is either an ex CID agent or there is a Ah Long (loan shark) after her. When you go try it, just tease her a little about it!

Big Scissors Curry Rice

Maxwell Food Centre Stall 43
Singapore 069184

Opening hours:

11:00 AM to 10:30 PM



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