AR Rahman: Singapore should have a Teh Tarik Institute Too!

Teh Halia
Teh Halia

Following my video blog on how to make Teh Tarik, I am more determined than ever to find that elusive cup of condensed milk pleasure in Singapore.

I must admit that when it comes to Teh Tarik, the Malaysians trump us hands down. They have made Teh Tarik into an institution… literally.

Standard-Teh-TarikInstitute Teh Tarik
Malaysia actually confers its Standard of Quality to stalls that serve Teh Tarik that fulfills their criteria for good Teh Tarik. Whether that means that it is made from F&N condensed milk or not, I am not sure.

The Malaysians have also made Tariking Teh into an artform and have people who specialize in performing Teh Tariking feats on the stage! Actually, compared to the Malaysian hawkers our Singaporean hawkers seem so subdued. On the web, you can see them throwing pratas in the air and dancing to the beat while chopping Indian Rojak. Is there anymore spark of reckless creativity left in Singapore, I wonder? Or are we so hemmed in by regulations that we lost that sense of freedom to be creative?

Anyway, the Teh Haliah here might not have the bells and whistles of a dancing Teh Tarik man, but it still hits the spot and will produce that “Aaaahh” after the first gulp. The boss tells me that there are many grades of ginger and they only order the best grade to make the ginger concentrate that is added to top grade Ceylon tea. The is a good creamy mouthfeel balanced with just the right amount of astringency and spiciness from the ginger to give it that uplifting kick! 4.25/5


Wouldn’t it be great if F&N or some other brand were to set up a similar Institute of Teh Tarik in Singapore? Would definitely raise the standards of Teh Tarik and put some spark back into one of our all time favourite drinks!


AR Rahman Cafe & Royal Prata

Blk 665 Buffalo Road, Tekka Market, Stall 247/248 Singapore 210665
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7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

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