Sri Sujana: Nasi Lemak Contender #2 Changi Village Hawker Centre Part 6 of 6

With smart, holydrummer and iwatch_ueat

Sri Sujana is right next to Mizzy’s and they are selling the set at $2. As far as I can see, the only difference is that Mizzy’s uses a deeper plate. The rice here has a stronger pandan flavour which I enjoyed. Again the rice would have been so much better if they used a better grade of rice. The chicken wings were fresh out of the wok and tasted great! The chilli was a letdown. It was sort of homogenous, did not have that nice layer of chilli oil on top and tasted as if it had been burnt that day. 3.5/5

Conclusion There is no perfect Nasi Lemak at Changi Village! We have all tasted International before so we know that the standard of the Nasi Lemak is about the same. The best strategy is to go for the one with the high turnover, especially when it comes to the chicken wings which are all great when taken fresh!

Update: 9 Apr 2013 They are still at the same stall number after renovation

Sri Sujana

Changi Village Hawker Centre #01-54, Singapore
Opening hours:
7:00AM to 12:00AM


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