Inspirasi Stall: Inspiring Soto Ayam: Bedok Interchange Food Centre Part 1 of 7

There are very very few places left in Singapore where you can get something tasty that you can rave about for $1.50 and still be full after that. This is one of those few places, which is why there is still a long queue when we got there in the afternoon.

Right in the middle of this small family run stall is a boiling cauldron of really tasty chicken soup. There was hardly any room left to move around! We all agreed that the soto ayam (Cubed rice, chicken, bean sprouts and a pototo cake in a spicy chicken broth) was really good. The soup was sweet and savoury and the portion was really generous for $2.00. According to iwatch_ueat, our Malay food expert, this is about as good as soto ayam gets. (She wasn’t all that impressed with this one, just that she does not know anywhere else with better soto ayam – so is this really as good as it gets?). Others have insisted that this one is quite ordinary and the word “overated” have been used by some. Still no one could tell me where to find the ultimate Soto Ayam. Until we find the World’s Best Soto Ayam, I will give this one a 4.25/5

Inspirasi has been around for a good 30 years. It was started by the late husband of the friendly MaCik (Aunty) who arrived from Indonesia and started this stall. We only tried the Soto Ayam since this was the dish featured in the Makansutra Legends. Some people say their mee rebus is also quite good. If you have tasted it before, let us know ok? The Mee Rebus and Mee Soto are $1.50 Soto Ayam is $2

Inspirisi Stall

Bedok Interchange FC #01-11, Singapore
Opening hours:
1:00AM to 11:00PM

Hari Raya

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