Hiong Kee Dumplings: Hong Lim Food Centre 5 of 7

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This dumpling stall is one of the favourites of smart and they sell traditional Hokkien Style Dumplings (Changs) with salted eggs as well as Nonya Changs.

For me, any dumplings are now measured against the Gold Standard which is Hoo Kee over at Amoy Street FC, so though they are excellent dumplings, they still lack that X factor of Hoo Kee. However, unlike Hoo Kee which essentially sells one flavour of Bak Chang with optional extras, this one sells more tradtional flavours which include the Nonya variety. Someone actually did recommend the Nonya Chang, but I did not managed try it. 4/5


Certainly a very good traditional Hokkien style Bak Chang. I will need to return to try their Nonya Chang.

Hiong Kee Dumplings

#02-38 Hong Lim Food Centre, Singapore
Opening hours:
8:30AM to 7:30PM

Sundays and Public Holidays

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