Yong Li Fa Ji Shu Shi Fish Soup: The day I learnt to eat Fish Head

Whenever we sit down to have a meal as a family and there is a whole fish around, the head and tail of the fish invariably ends up on my mother or mother-in-law’s plate. The problem starts when we have both mothers sitting on the same table with only one fish head ……..

I never thought that fish head would be such a favourite amongst our foodies. When I posted my question on our facebook page, it garnered so many responses! It seems like foodies really love their fish heads! What is surprising is that even young people love it! I had always thought that it was something for the older folks.

The eyes have it!

The favourite parts of the fish head seems to be the cheeks and the jelly bits behind the eyes. I guess eating fish head is like eating stuff like chicken feet and pig trotters. It’s all the fiddly, slimy, jellylike bits that get some people excited and others cringing. Some folks also said they like the two strips of meat on the top of the head and others go straight for the brains! Of course you have probably been told that eating fish brains will make you smarter. Well, if the fish were so smart, you wouldn’t be eating its brains would you? In the same vein I don’t think eating too much chicken would make you “chicken”.

Fish Head Soup $5

Uncle Smart has been extolling the beauty of fish head soup from this stall since the days before the food centre was renovated. I must admit I have not been a big fan of fish head but today I think I have seen the light. (Maybe eating the fish eyes has made my eyesight more acute). Compared to the sliced fish soup, the fish head soup as so much sweeter and the flavours was so much more complex and satisfying. I can’t say that I like all the fiddly bits yet, but I am certainly ordering fish head soup instead of the ordinary slice fish soup the next time I visit! 4.5/5


This is one of the best fish soups I have had in recent memory. The fish head soup is much better than the sliced fish soup, so if you are after a robust, full bodied fish soup, go get a head!

So are you a fish head lover? Let us know why you like fish head so much!

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Yong Li Fa Ji Cooked Food

79A Circuit Road, #01-66
Singapore 371079
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Opening hours:

12:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Wed, Thurs, Sun

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