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I have been wanting to get a wine fridge for the longest time.  I am not a big wine collector as I am only a social drinker, but I do have a few bottles which I have picked up over the years.  These bottles have been lying in my cupboard thus far and all I have done was to keep them horizontal so that the cork doesn’t dry up.  I know that in order to keep your wines properly, they need to be aged in conditions that simulate a cave in Europe.  That would be roughly 12°C with a humidity of 55%.  The wines lying in my cupboard have been enjoying the tropical heat for so long that I am hesitant to bring them to a friend’s house!  That is the result of PROCRASTINATION!

The final push came when we decided to build a new cabinet for our kitchen.  My wife insisted that it is time to get a wine fridge and gave me the face that would move a thousand ships.   So that was how I got started on my wine fridge quest.

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My search for my ideal wine fridge started with a casual survey on my facebook page as well as a trip to the local appliances store.  A few names kept popping up and Vintec was one of them.  I liked the stainless steel look of the Vintec V40SGeS3 and its dimensions and capacity fit my requirements.  My friend, SCS butter who works as a wine distributor also gave his stamp of approval for the Vintec brand.  He told me that it was the most popular brand amongst his clients in the food industry.  I also like the fact that Vintec only makes wine fridges, so they are very focus on what they do.

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Installation of the fridge was a breeze.  The Vintec V40SGeS3 is designed to be built-in to cabinets.  So the ventilation vent is in the front of the fridge.  You just need to allow some space behind the fridge and all around the sides and top so that there is room for airflow.

I chose a model with single temperature control because I use it primarily to store wines.  I set it at 12°C in order to store both reds and whites.  Vintec does have models which have dual temperature controls so that you can keep your reds at 18°C and whites at 6°C which is their optimal serving temperatures.  That function is good if you are having a big party and are planning to open many bottles.

The fridge comes with anti vibration technology, UV protection and humidity is kept at 55% all of which ensures that the wines are kept in the optimal conditions.

So far, it has been working well.  It looks nice under my cabinet and it is quiet.  I was told that the after sales service is also very prompt if I ever need it.  Hope I never will.

You can checkout the full range of Vintec Wine Fridges at APS Lifestyle.

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