Vegetarian Poh Piah: Poh Piah with a Serious Crunch! Geylang East Central Part 5 of 6

With smart, liverpool, iwatch_ueat and tamago

Finding a Vegetarian Poh Piah is not easy. Finding a Vegetarian Poh Piah which is also good to eat is even harder. That is why this Poh Piah is being featured! The skin is handmade, so it is nice and chewy. But it is what lurks inside that makes it stands out from the rest. When you bite into this Poh Piah, you will immediately be delighted with super crunchy tasty bits reminiscent of the old “Nestle Crunch” ads. (The one where every bite causes an earthquake)

Those following my Poh Piah trial will know that so far I have yet to find a Poh Piah to rave about. This Poh Piah is very good and better then some of the more famous ones I have blogged previously, but it still lacks that ravability (sic) factor. I found the turnips not soft and sweet enough (? lack of dried shrimp) and of course the absence of animal proteins meant that my umami receptors suffered from neglect. However, the crunchy stuff is so good that it almost made up for its other shortcomings. 4/5


Considering that it is all vegetarian, this Poh Piah still managed to put other Poh Piahs to shame! However, I am still on the trail of the ultimate Poh Piah, so if you have one to recommend please let me know yah?

Specially for ET who requested more vegetarian food!

Silver Stream Cafeteria

Blk 226F Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 #01-697
Singapore 566226

Opening hours:

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