Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken: The best and cheapest I have come across so far!

2022 update: Hong Kong Soy Sauce lost its Michelin Star in 2022.

Congrats to Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken for winning a Michelin Star!  It is now known as Liao Fan Hawker Chan Soy Sauce chicken.

Soy Sauce Chicken $14 each

What’s better than really good food? Really good food that is cheap as well, that’s what.

You know what I am talking about right? You eat something that is really good and you feel happy, but when the food is really shiok and you want to make a return trip soon, the price is going to be one of the critical factors in your decision making process. So it is when I was eating this marvellous Soy Sauce Chicken. I kept thinking that this chicken so good and I can have a whole half chicken for only $7! Now that is something that makes me happy.
Half Chicken $7
I haven’t blogged a lot of Soy Sauce chicken. The last two was a few years back and since then I have not come across any good recommendations until now. The best soy sauce chicken that I know is at Crystal Jade, but it is not priced such that you can eat it anytime you want. So when I saw a photo of this soy sauce chicken in our forum, I knew that I had to make a trip down to Smith St Food Centre to check it out myself.
The real icing on the cake was when I found out that the chicken only cost $14 per bird. Now that is excellent value and probably explains why there is a perpetual queue outside the stall even at 3pm. This stall has only been around for less than 2 years. The chef is from Ipoh and was previously working in a Hotel before venturing out on his own. The Soy Sauce chicken is really good. OK, I would admit that the flesh is not as lively as Crystal Jade’s but the flavour of the sauce on the skin is shiokalicious and is something I keep thinking of eating again. The sauce is sweet and sticky, perfectly balanced with not too much of a herbal overtone. One of the reasons the service is a little slow is because the chef insists on cutting the chicken and making the noodles himself. I guess that is the price to pay for quality. 4.5/5
So far this is the best (and cheapest) soy sauce chicken I can find. Anywhere else to recommend?


Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken

Smith St Food Centre #02-127
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Opening hours:

11:00 am to 8:00 am



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Hi Leslie, we went to Chinatown Food Centre recently and couldn’t find this stall. Stall no 127 is now a western food stall

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