Hong Ji Mian Shi Jia: Translucent Mee

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Wanton Mee with extra Char Siew $3.50

I am beginning to see that there are really two broad groups of Wanton Mee fans. One group focuses just on the quality of the noodles. They don’t really care if the Char Siew or Wanton is quite ordinary, they just go for the noodles and chilli. Damien belongs to this group.

The other group go for the overall package. The noodles must be good enough, but it has to come with tasty, juicy Wanton and a substantial Char Siew that is at least roasted with charcoal. I belong to this group.

OK with that background, you will understand more clearly what I am trying to tell you about this Wanton Mee that Damien recommended. This is apparently his number one favourite Wanton Mee stall and trust me, Damien has eaten at a lot of Wanton Mee stalls.

Well it is the kind of Wanton Mee that on first impression will elicit a “You mean I travelled all the way here to eat this?” kind of response. At $2.50 per plate it is undoubtedly cheap but the few slivers of Char Siew that looks as if it has been cut by a microtome look more like garnishing than a topping. But that’s okay, with just a request to “Geh Liao” and $1 more, the noodles can be dressed with a bit more modesty.

The good thing about this Wanton Mee is the noodles which are really thin, translucent and flat rather than round in cross-section. I actually like mee kia (fine noodles) which is flat rather than round because I find that the bite is more lively. I think the flatness makes the noodles more curly compared to round noodles. Just like the difference between the hair on your head and the other major cluster of hair on your body. You all know of course that the hair on top is round and the one at the bottom is flat, right? I am only guessing about the noodles but the trivia about the hair is fact…….sorry, hope I didn’t throw you off flat noodles forever.

The wantons here are a waste of calories. Full of wanton skin with very little mince, it really is very disappointing for such a well decorated stall. However, the Char Siew here is excellent. They still make their own with a Charcoal oven hidden in the corner of their tiny stall. Sweet and succulent with just enough of the crunchy burnt bits. The only problem is you have to ask them to pile in on in order to get some real satisfaction. 4/5


We were there in the afternoon, so the old man was not the one cooking. I was told that his braised pork is really good. So maybe in the mornings you might get a better plate of Wanton Mee. It was certainly one of the better Wanton Mees around and would please the group of people who just go for the noodles.

Hong Ji Mian Shi Jia

Blk 79 Telok Blangah Road, #01-05 Telok Blangah Market and Food Centre

Opening hours:

7:00 AM to 7:00 PM



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