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Kids grow up fast! Before I know it, my son is already 11 and my daughter 8. They are no longer the cute little babies that they once were, and all that I have to remind me of that period of my life are my photos. I think I can confidently say that most people nowadays own at least one camera in some shape or form, and so the ability to take some nice photos of the family as they grow up is a skill that is very useful to pick up.

My workshop, which was conducted for Dadsforlife during the school holidays was targeted at beginners and the main message was that with just a few tips, everyone can take better photos of their families with whatever camera they currently own. There is no need to spend more money buying expensive equipment. All you need is some basic understanding of composition and lighting and the way your camera works.

Try this idea on your family next time

Photography is all about creativity and during the workshop I challenged the participants to think of creative ways of taking photos of their loved ones besides the usual “Look here! Say Cheese!” photos. You could for example take a photo like the one above where the addition of the camera with a mirror image of the subjects add interest to the photo. If you put in some effort to think creatively, the possibilities are endless.

There are many functions on the camera which you might not have explored,
like the Colour Accent mode found in Canon Cameras
Photo taken with Canon Powershot S90

There are also many things you can do with your existing camera that are just waiting for you to discover! On my Canon Powershot S90, there is a mode called Colour Accent mode which basically turns the whole photo into black and white with the exception of one colour which you choose. That means that there might be some incredible things you could do with your camera if you just take the effort to read the instruction manual!

Many thanks to everyone who attended the talk! The photos of the events are here. You can also visit for more information on how to get involved in this movement. Let’s encourage each other to better fathering!

Many thanks to Canon for their generous support for the event.

If you are interested to organize a workshop on basic food or family photography, you can write directly to me at [email protected].

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