Chicken House: Does coffee really enhance the taste of Chicken Rice?

My psychiatrist friend was telling me about his habit of eating chicken rice with a cup of coffee. He told me that somehow the coffee has the effect of enhancing the taste of chicken rice. Now this is the first time I am hearing of this so I was pretty bemused. I tried it, but I have to say that it didn’t do anything for me! Oh, he explained that it did not do much for him too because the chicken rice that day was just not that great to start with. But perhaps there are readers out there who also subscribe to this coffee and chicken rice technique? Perhaps you can share with us your experiences?

By the way, chicken rice, according to our online poll is the 2nd most favourite hawker dish in Singapore after Hokkien Mee. This might be surprising to some readers but the numbers so far are pretty consistent.

Personally, I have always been partial to “Kampung” chicken. I always prefer the soft, white, voluptuous type that you can really sink your teeth into. After all, a “Kampung” chicken doesn’t really come from a Kampung. It just looks as if it did because it is leaner. And that yellow colouring on the skin really comes from the use of yellow ginger. So those readers who insist that “Kampung” chicken is the real deal, well, you can imagine that you are eating a chicken that has been running around someone’s Kampung house if it really makes the chicken tastier.

As “Kampung” chicken goes, this one is ok. All the ones I have tasted so far have been ok. The rice as already mentioned was nothing to rave about and the chicken was too lean and athletic for me, but it is good for those who are looking after their cholesterol intake and are around the Thomson area. 3.75/5


So how many people out there are “Kampung” chicken rice people and how many are “Voluptuous” chicken rice people? And also, how many people actually subscribe to the coffee enhancing the taste of the chicken rice thingy?

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