Video Blog: Ieat learns to make Chawanmushi

In the third part of our Japanese Cooking Series, I accompany Chef Tom to the supermarket where he tells us about the three key ingredients of Japanese cooking, namely shoyu, mirin and sake. Then we head back to the kitchen to make Chawanmushi which is one of my kids’ favourite dishes.

The key to a great Chawanmushi is to ensure that there are no bubbles in the custard and Chef Tom shows us how simple it is to make this at home. For the one bowl of chawanmushi you buy at the restaurant, you can make ten bowls at home! You would be amazed how simple it really is!

It’s not stated in the video but the proportion of egg to dashi is 1 egg to half cup of dashi stock. Dashi stock was covered in the previous video on Miso Soup. You can learn about it here. To cook, you need to bring the water to the boil and steam for 15 mins.

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