The Poll Results: The Girls rule the Foodie Universe!
We Rule the Foodie Universe!

The results of the Battle of the Sexes Poll are in!

There were 665 votes. The girls won by 62.1% to 37.9% which is a majority that George Bush (but not the PAP) would have been proud of. Too bad guys, we only think we rule the foodie universe but now we know who really pulls the strings!

There are of course excuses that we guys can give like “Guys just can’t be bothered to click the Polls” and “Guys can’t be bothered to read Food Blogs” or “Ay I was going to click it tomorrow” but, just like in the American Idol, it is who actually voted that counts!

So it’s Round 1 to the Girls! Well done! Female Foodies Rule!

Again, thanks to everyone who participated in the Polls!

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