Shukor Stall: On the Makansutra Legend trail

I was planning for a long time to try this legendary Roti John which used to be from Taman Serasi. This is arguably the most famous Roti John stall as it is one of the Makansutra Legends. However, on that fateful afternoon, I found out that the famous lady who was responsible for the fame of the Roti John only runs the stall on weekends. As a result (I guess) the dish we got was a little lack lustre. It was ok, but tasted like any other Roti John. 3.5/5


I am only blogging this since it is famous. Perhaps those who have had the Roti John here can attest to its quality on weekends?

Shukor Stall

Serangoon Garden Way Food Centre Stall 30, Singapore
Opening hours:
9:30AM to 9:00PM

one Thursday of every month

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