No Name Hokkien Mee: Dunman Food Centre

With Holydrummer and iwatch_ueat

Another day another Hokkien Mee. It seems that there are so many HKMs around which are pretty good nowadays. Certainly much more good HKMs than Wanton Mees where so few really come to mind. This blog alone already has 8 other worthy mentionable HKMs and most of them found in the east. I really don’t need to travel very far to fulfill my HKM crave. Now if only one of them can just up the standard a bit and make a lobster HKM with Sio Bak simmering in a claypot……ooohhh.

This HKM is pretty shiok. The gravy is the dark brown type and it is pretty wet. A spoonful of savoury, soggy noodles with crispy pork lard on top (for those who do not have to battle with cholesterol problems) is a tantalizing taste that is hard to beat. 4.25/5


Another great place for a late night plate of HKM.

No Name Hokkien Mee

Dunman Food Centre Stall 28, Singapore
Opening hours:
12:00PM to 1:00AM

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