Mr Teh Tarik: I wonder what the tarik does to the tea?

I wonder if Tariking the Teh actually makes a difference to the taste itself. Apart from cooling it down, and making the foam on top, does the extra air in the tea actually change its taste? Has anyone tried comparing a cup of tea before and after the Tarik? Do let us know.

Mr Teh Tarik demonstrating the triple tarik

This Teh Tarik certainly fulfills my criteria for a good Teh Tarik. It’s smooth and creamy, the taste of the tea taste is strong enough and oooh it flows down the throat so smoothly! It’s no wonder that there is a perpetual queue outside the stall. 4.5/5

Mr Teh Tarik

Far East Square near Beppu, Singapore
Opening hours:
(Not available)

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