Cantonese Delights: Cantonese eat Curry Mee Meh?

Fried Chicken with Curry Noodle

If there is one combination of flavours that really trigger my umami receptors, it must be the that of fragrant fried chicken soaked in the classic Hainanese style chicken curry or fragrant Laksa Gravy. The contrast between the savoury crispy chicken with the sweet creamy coconut gravy really hits the spot and in terms of flavour, definitely ranks up there with Foie Gras and Matsuzaka Beef. And the great thing is that it is much more affordable and you can eat until you “Peng” (collapse) and still have change from a $10 note.

Whenever I eat at 328 Laksa in Katong, I would always hop over to the Chap Chye Png stall to buy some fried chicken to add to the laksa. The fried chicken is nice but it is very hard to get it freshly fried. What you really want is a piping hot, freshly fried chicken cutlet which is crispy on the outside but still oozing with chicken juices to dip in the curry gravy!

If you are starting to salivate, so am I. The good news is that if you are working in town, you can pop by Hong Lim Food Centre and satisfy that craving at this particular stall. The chicken is fragrant, freshly fried and the curry gravy is very nice. You can tell that they actually make their own Rempah as the gravy has got those gritty bits of ginger, tumeric and other spices. It’s one of those things that would really re-tox you if you have been forced to take a detox diet for a week. 4.25/5


Actually Byron had recommended the Wanton Mee from this stall, but when I got there, I just found the Chicken Chop and Curry Noodles too hard to resist. Might try their Chicken Chop with Yong Tau Foo Laksa next time!

Cantonese Delights

Hong Lim Food Centre #02-03, Singapore
Opening hours:
8:30AM to 3:00PM

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