Bethel Confectionery: Shatteringly Crisp Beh Teh Saw

This Beh Teh Saw is really a hidden gem!  It was recommended to me by my culinary guru, Irene Yip last year. She insisted that I must try them and sent me home with a pack.  A week later she called to ask me what I thought of them.  It was only then that I remembered that they are still sitting on the kitchen shelf! So, I hurriedly opened tha pack, took a bite and realise how silly I was to have missed the opportunity to taste them when they were freshly baked!

But even after a week, the crust was still shatteringly crisp and complemented the sticky, chewy sesame filling so well! They are one of the best beh teh saw I have tasted and the only thing that is missing is perhaps that smokey flavour if they had come out of a charcoal oven.

The biscuits are baked fresh daily and are best if you can get hold of them when they are fresh out of the oven!  Just give me a few of these, a cup of teh si and a quiet corner and leave me to enjoy the bliss!


This little gem is quite easy to miss as they are made at a very ordinary looking HDB bakery which sells the usual buns and cakes.  Even my friend who has lived in the area for the last 2 decades didn’t know about it!  It’s such a shame that our Singapore bakeries haven’t been able to keep up with our Malaysian neighbours in terms of packaging.  These would make the perfect gift for overseas friends if they had a nicer packaging!

Bethel Confectionery

56 Marine Terrace, , Singapore 440056
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6446 5935

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