Zam Zam: Mega Murtabak Mania

I walked into Zam Zam feeling like a kid taking a Disneyland ride for the first time. If you love Murtabak like me, I am sure you would feel the same. I mean this Prata Chef at the front of this 99 year old restaurant was flipp’n the most gigantic and awesome Murtabaks I have ever seen! Ok, I admit that it has been a while since I had my last Murtabak cos of all the health concerns over this calorie busting dish. (I can hear you laughing, but I do look after my waistline)

This is probably the most well known Murtabak Stall in Singapore. It is certainly one of the oldest restaurants I know that is still in the same spot since inception. It will be 100 next year and that’s quite an achievement for any eatery. In order to be around for so long, you have to serve great food, which it does.

They way they make their Murtabak is a bit different from other places. In addition to an extra layer of prefried prata kosong which they put at the base of the Murtabak, they also add an extra egg on top of the folded murtabak and sprinkle Minced Mutton on top before frying. The result is a Massive Murtabak with a crispy fried Mince on top! Oohhhh, like I said, this is not for those who are Cholesterol Compromised.

Behold the Murtabak! I really liked the crispy, savoury topping of the mutton. However, I felt that the mutton was not as savoury and tasty as it can be. Texturewise, it was crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, so complaints in that area. It would have been an awesome Murtabak if the mutton had more OOmph! 4/5

Now, you have stuff that is Ho Kua Bo Ho Jia (Attractive but Not so Tasty) and then you have stuff that is Ho Jia Bo Ho Kua (Tasty but Not really Attractive) The Chicken Murtabak belongs to the latter category. Now this is what we came for. Makankaki Damien swears that the Chicken Murtabak is to die for and he is 100% spot on. I never really liked the chicken version because I always find that the Murtabak always comes out soggy. But I think I have seen the light. Wow, the chicken masala was so yummy and by the time they serve the murtabak, a lot of that tasty gravy has already been infused into the dough. Only one word to describe it: Shiokadelicious!! 4.5/5


Most seasoned foodies would already know about this restaurant. But if like me you are still discovering Pearls in Singapore’s food heritage, then you Must Not give Zam Zam a miss!

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant

679,699 North Bridge Road

Opening hours:

8:00 AM to 11:00 PM



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