Will You Stand With Me?: The Ultimate 21 Day Challenge


Will You Stand With Me?

No, I don’t mean queuing up together at the Char Kway Teow stall.

But for the next 21 Days, will you Stand With Me to make Singapore a more gracious and compassionate society?

We often hear about Singaporeans being unhappy, ungracious etc, etc. But rather than just sitting down and mulling about it, let’s do something to change it! When was the last time you thanked your favourite Hawker for making you that bowl of Mee Pok Tar which you have enjoyed eating since you were 6 years old? When was the last time you cooked a dish and gave some to your neighbor to try?

I was running around my estate recently and just stopped to say hi to an elderly lady and it really brightened up my day! One of the things I would really like to see more of in Singapore is a simple greeting when we meet strangers along the streets! Can you think about a certain person whom you see everyday on your way to work but never even made eye contact with? It could be the cleaning lady or the person who brings you coffee. Wouldn’t it be nice to just say a word of encouragement to them. It would not only brighten up their day but yours as well!

So, I hope you will join me for the next 21 Days in this interesting social experiment.

Win a Ipad Mini (Wifi)!

I will be issuing one task everyday on the ieatishootipost facebook fan and twitter page for the next 21 days and you can just respond to it. It’s going to be something simple like taking a photo of an ethnic dish and introducing it to everyone or taking a photo with grandma and telling us how great she is. Once you have done it, post it up on the ieatishootipost facebook page and you will stand the chance to win a brand new Ipad Mini! But more than that, I am very sure that you are going to have lots of fun and satisfaction in doing the tasks.

Why are we doing this?

This campaign is part of this year’s Total Defence Day celebrations. One pillar of Total Defence is Social Defence which means building a society where the different races and cultures can live and work together in harmony. We have been very blessed with peace and stability and we haven’t seen any racial riots or social unrest for a long time. Let’s all work hard towards keeping it that way. But let’s do one better, let’s work towards an even more gracious and caring society!

The reason the campaign is going for 21 Days it that it usually takes 21 Days to form a new habit. So we are hoping that by doing this for 21 Days, it will become a new habit for all of us.

I believe it is something good to do. So I invite you to Stand With Me to spread the good vibes around and bring back a bit of that kampung spirit!

Contest Mechanics

1. To be eligible to win the Ipad Mini, participants must complete a minimum of 10 tasks

2. You do not need to respond to the task on the day itself. As long as it is submitted by 17 Feb 2013, you will be eligible to win the Ipad Mini.

3. The tasks will be issued everyday for 21 days on www.facebook.com/ieatishootipost and you will need to respond by posting on the www.facebook.com/ieatishootipost The first task will be issued on the facebook wall tomorrow, 26 Jan 2012.

#1 Learn to say “Yummy!” in a foreign language
#2 Describe a simple act of kindness you that happened to you recently.
#3 Complete this sentence: I am Singaporean because I ………
#4 What would be the Singaporean equivalent of Ganbatte! (Bonus: Invent a new phrase!)
#5 Take a photo with the person who cooks your food and tell us about it.
#6 Submit of photo of yourself returning the tray at the hawker centre and use it to encourage your friends to do the same
#7 Tell us about your favourite little spot in Singapore.
#8 Nominate Singapore’s National dish and tell us why you chose it.
#9 What is the first Singlish phrase you would teach to a foreigner?
#10 Take a photo of a queue and tell us what they are queuing up for.
#11 Tell us about someone you know who has just become a Singapore citizen.
#12 If you were asked to design Singapore’s National Dress, what would it look like?
#13 Strike up a conversation with the person who cleaned your table at the hawker centre/food court and take a photo with him/her
#14: Tell us about your favourite Tuckshop food stall
#15 Submit a photo with three generations eating together! (Bonus: Four Generations!)
#16 Submit a photo with the theme “Huat Ah!”
#17 Tell us about your best friend forever
#18 Submit a photo with 10 people holding hands together
#19 Do something kind to someone you don’t know today and tell us about it
#20 Since its Valentine’s Day, submit a photo with the theme “Love, Singapore Style!”
#21 Suggest one thing we can all do to make Singapore a better place to live

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