Tang Cheng Chicken Rice: Back after 10 years in exile!: Part 2 of 6

With liverpool, iwatch_ueat, smart and tamago

We stumbled upon this brand new stall which looked very promising. According to the owner, they are previously a popular stall in Jurong before they took a 10 year break. (This is according to them, if you had patronized their stall before could you please let us know?) Anyway, I saw their big bowl of Achar and decided they must be of a certain standard to provide such an impressive side dish.

Those who like their food more salty and shiok will appreciate their Roast Chicken and Braised Duck. The chicken was tender and the sauce was really savoury (Some of the other makankakis remarked that it was a tad too salty). Now if you like to snack on Corn Chips and Potato Chips to get that Umami (Savoury) rush, then you shouldn’t complain about this stall’s food. 4/5

The braised duck was nice and tasty but the flesh could be more tender. 3.5/5


Great if you like your food really tasty and salty and are not having to go for a low salt diet (ie if you suffer from hypertension)

Tang Cheng Chicken Rice

Blk 117 Aljunied Ave 2 Geylang East Food Centre (Same row as Ng Soon Kee Fish Soup in the middle)

Opening hours:

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