Polls: What Generation Foodie are you?

Smart, who is an oldie but a foodie, commented that he’d like to know whether foodies who read food blogs are necessary the younger ones or are there other older folks like himself who actually have the time (and money) to go around finding great places to eat.

So in this week’s polls, we try to see what generation you belong to!

Definition of generations can sometimes get complicated, so I have simplified it to 4 categories:

1. Vintage Foodies Those born before WWII. (<1944) In our context they are now 63 years and above. These are the ones who lived through the tough years of the Japanese occupation and still remember the good old days when eateries like Famous Islamic were still relatively new and did not have any TV to watch when they were kids. 2. Baby Boomers. These are people born after the war (1945 – 1959) Most of these people still remember when Singapore merged with Malaysia and subsequently gained independence. After the war there was a great explosion in the number of babies born. They are currently around 47 to 63 and many at at the top of their careers or just retired. They have lots of money to spend on yummy food!

3. Generation Xers: These are people born between 1960 to 1977. They are the generation born in the time when Singapore was struggling to find its footing. They grew up in the 80s and are deemed the generation with the short attention span. They are the first generation to grow up playing video games and watching MTV. But they still experienced the good old coffee shop before they started turning into food courts.

4. Generation Yers: These are people born from 1978 onwards. They were born using the internet and handphones. Some are young working adults and most are students. They may not even have eaten Hor Fun cooked with Charcoal fire or remember Changi Beach

So which generation foodie are you? Cast your votes!

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