New Banner and other stuff

Banner Ver 1.3 (Oct 2006 – Nov 2006)

Thanks for all your comments on the new banner. I have been tweaking the banner since last week based on all your valuable feedback. It seems people like the old banner because of all the pictures. So I have incorporated some big pictures onto the new banner.

With the new banner, I wanted to separate the words ieat-ishoot-ipost because I know that some people only see ieat and get dyslexic about the rest of the title. The other problem with the old banner is that the pictures in the background obscure the words. So the new banner has the title over an uncomplicated background. I also stylised the words ishoot with a bullseye and ipost with ~ so that people can associate the words with a an icon.

Banner Ver 2.2 (Nov 2006 – Apr 2007)

The other thing I did was to make the banner narrower so that more of the contents can be shown on the monitor. You may have also noticed that I have changed the background colour from black to dark grey and the words from white to light tan. This was because some people commented that white on black was a bit too stark. Some people have tried to persuade me to change the background to white instead, stating that the research have shown that food looks better on a light background. I tried it but I found that I personally still prefer the dark background and it helps to accentuate the colours of the pictures. Besides, I am one of the few with a dark background so it makes the blog a little different.

Banner Ver 3.3 (Apr 2007 ~)

The new additions to the template are the polls which quite a few people have said that they liked and the “Recent ieaters” where our growing community of readers can tell everyone about themselves, show their own blogs and even leave some details so that makan sessions can be organized. Who knows, some people might find their life partners too! ieatishootipost SDU! May I encourage you all to upload your Avatars and write something about yourselves in the profile section. I always like click to see who our new members are and visit their blogsites. It is always nice to be able to know a bit about the readers who regularly write comments on the blog. You all are makan gurus in your own right, so let everyone know something about yourselves!

The other change of couse was the description of the blog. I decided to use my favourite catchphrase “Never waste your calories on yukky food”, instead of “Celebrating faith, family and Singapore food” When I started the blog, it was supposed to be about faith, food and family, but after a while it was apparent that food is the main feature. So hence the change.

Hope you all like the new look. Keep those comments coming in, as you can see, your feedback changes things around here!

Happy responsible makaning!


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