Mee Sua for those with Teeth!

If you were like me and thought that Mee Sua was only for the Elderly with no teeth, then prepare to have your paradigm shattered. Yep that’s right, you are looking at a bowl of Mee Sua Tar Mai Ter Kua (Dry Mee Sua, hold the liver)

While other stalls may offer dry mee sua as a secondary item, this stall’s specialty is the Dry Mee Sua.

This Mee Sua isn’t the soft powdery type that I had come to expect of Mee Sua. It was actually quite firm to the bite and yet different from your normal Mee Kia (fine noodles) The Uncle told me that the Mee Sua was specially ordered from the factory. There is a definitely a skill involved in the preparation as I can still hardly believe that mee sua could be so QQ! (firm to the bite) The lard they used tastes very fresh and the chilli was very good. 4/5

The other thing that the stall does well is their handmade fish ball. Though, they don’t make their fish balls on the premises, they did the next best thing, which is to specially order their fishball to be made by hand from the supplier. It was explained to me that handmade fishballs had a texture quite different from machine made ones. All I can say is that the fishballs were really bouncy and tastes good without a hint of fishy ordour. 4/5

Acknowledgement: This stall was recommended by Mien

BK Eating House

Junction of South Bridge Road and Circular Rd

Opening hours:

Mon to Fri: 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Sat: 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM



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