Lee Hong Kee Roast – Meat Tiong Bahru Market Part 2 of 6

This is probably the best Roasted Meat Stall in the new Tiong Bahru Market and was recommended by the forummers. I think the best item here is the Sio Bak. For those concerned about their fat intake and cholesterol levels, you would be pleased to see that the pork here is pretty lean. I was impressed by the super crispy skin. They tell me that the crispiness is due to their technique of scouring the pork skin before it is roasted in a charcoal oven. The taste of the meat was also very good, leaving a Pang (savoury) smell which you can savour after you swallow the meat. 4/5 Their Char Siew was not sweet enough for me, but the meat was nice and tender, so readers who like a less sweet Char Siew might appreciate this. 3.5/5. Not a big fan of the Roast Duck which was not even served with plum sauce. The flesh was tender but the taste was not exceptional. 3.5/5 Conclusion Certainly worth a try if you are at Tiong Bahru Market and have a craving for Roast Meats.

Lee Hong Kee

Tiong Bahru Market Stall #02-60, #02-70 30 Seng Poh Road
Singapore 168898

Opening hours:

9:00 AM to 9:00 PM





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Had the char siew and roast pork rice. Roast pork texture and taste is quite good. If only they serve it with better quality n cooked rice. Cheers and Blessings (:

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