ieat Video Blogs: ieat learns to make Pulled Pork

ieat Video Blogs: ieat learns to make Pulled Pork – ieatishootipost

I guess in Singapore, BBQ means putting chicken wings and sausages over a charcoal grill. The Aussies and British certainly would think of BBQ in the same way. But in in the US, the BBQ has a whole different meaning. Over there, BBQ meats are smoked over a long period of time such that a whole slab of Pork Collar becomes so tender and juicy that it can be shredded by hand. The slow smoking method also infuses the meat with a wonderful smokey aroma which is lacking if it was cooked in a conventional oven.

Our friend, Soundman has gone a bit crazy over the BBQ and went off to the US to become a certified BBQ judge. Now he has started importing BBQ smokers from the US which comes with timer and temperature control. So if you wish to smoke some Baby Backs for your dinner party, its simply a matter of placing your meat in the oven, setting the timer and wait for your friends to arrive.

In this video, Soundman shows us how to make some authentic Southern pulled pork sandwiches. Basically you apply a dry rub over the pork, then place it in the oven, set the temperature to 225 degrees Fareinheit and leave it for the next 12 hours. You end up with a wonderfully aromatic piece of pork where all the connective tissues have turned into gelatin. That means that it is tender enough to be shreded by hand after that all you have to do is to fill your bun with the juicy morsels, add BBQ sauce and coleslaw and you got yourself an American classic! Best of all, it makes feeding a hungry mob a real simple affair!

For more info about the BBQ ovens, please visit Soundman’s website: Smoque provides everything you need for smoking your meat, from home and commercial smokers to the BBQ spice rub and the Cherry and Apple wood!

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