ieat Beef Appreciation Session II: The aftermath

Photos by Holybro and Ariella – Many thanks!

Many thanks to everyone who came to join our beef appreciation session!

We managed to learn all about grassfed, USDA prime, Australian grainfed as well as Wagyu beef as well as how easy it really is to cook your own steak. Most people agree that the grassfed beef had a stronger beef flavour but when it came to taste, the Australian Grainfed and Wagyu were the winners! One of the things I picked up from the workshop was that the USDA prime beef that we get in Singapore is not quite the same as the ones they have in the US. That is because the AVA has a restriction on the age of the cattle at the time of slaughter. So as a result our USDA Prime here lacks the flavour of a more matured animal.

Many thanks to ToTT and Huber’s Butchery for organizing the session and for donating the proceeds to our ieat Community project to provide education for the kids of Sandakan! ToTT is a wonderful kitchen wonderland where you can pick up anything from cookbooks to pizza peels, so if you love to cook, do make sure you pay them a visit soon! If you are looking at great meats, Hubers is one butcher that you have to visit. The beef we had that day was excellent and they wet age their own beef before selling it so that the flavours are more developed.

If you missed the beef appreciation session, fret not! The classes will be conducted regularly at ToTT. You can check their schedule for the next class by clicking here. In fact, if you are interested in a fascinating new way of cooking your steak, you should sign up for their Sous Vide cooking demo which is free!

Huber’s online butchery will be ready in January. By then you can order your steak online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Keep a lookout by visiting their website!

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