Forum Update: Shopowner’s and Food Bloggers Meet!

Bloggers like myself are always looking for new things to blog whereas food sellers are always looking for ways to market their food. So why not put them both together in one place?

There are two sections in the forum which I have created in order to try to achieve this. First, there is a section for Food Bloggers to meet and talk about their blogs and food blogging in general. And secondly there is a Restauranteurs and stallowners section where food sellers come tell us about their restaurants, new menus and gather feedback and new ideas. So if you know of any stallowners, encourage them to come and tell us about their eateries!

In the Food Talk section, there’s a great discussion going on about Japanese food with lots of great recommendations as well as a scholarly dissertation about Durians from our in-house Durianologist, sumosumo.

People are signing up for the 1st Makan Session for 2008 and over 30 places are already booked, so don’t wait too long to sign up! There is also another trip to a Durian plantation in Malaysia being planned.

Lots of things happening so make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun!

Click here to go to the forum.

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