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If you have read about our Charity Makan Session, you would have realized that quite a few people were involved in the organization of the event. These people voluntarily give up their time and money to make the event a success and they are also the ones who seek out the best food to eat around Singapore and report them in our forum.

They are as much a part of ieatishootipost as I am, so today I just want to take the opportunity to introduce to you to the Ensemble Cast of ieatishootipost. I really depend on these guys to support me by recommending places to blog as well as sacrificing their calories to taste the food with me and adding their inputs to the blog as well as the forum.

So here they are in my particularly peculiar order:


Uncle smart has the best life. Semi retired, he just spends his time looking for food to eat! If you need a directory on Singapore food, make sure you get his hp number.


We call her the bottomless pit. If you are at dinner with her, make sure you get your share before she launches her assault. She never stops, even after dessert. She’s our blog monitoress as well as forum moderator so don’t play play.


We like to think of our “Big Ass Moderator” as the Simon Cowell of the blog. A serious foodie, his taste buds are hard to please and he is passionate about his food. Don’t get him angry…. you won’t like him when he is angry.


Owner of Good Morning Nanyang Cafe. I met liverpool when I first blogged his Cafe in the early days. Liverpool makes one of the best cups of kopi in Singapore but still drinks kopi from everywhere else! Go figure.


Grew up the son of a serious foodie, he probably ate all the best food in Singapore before he hit puberty. (or should I say, “in order to” hit puberty?) Damien seems to always know whatever is happening in the food scene. I met him when I blogged his stall last year. His rating system ranges from a “Cannot Make it” to “This is good leh” and anything in between gets a “Ok lah”.


One of our latest 2nd gen kakis, Cactuskit is the king of the forum. He is a gentle giant who supports the gahment by having 4 kids (and counting?). Bit of an aunty killer, he works his way into the hearts of unsuspecting hawker aunties some of whom have adopted him as their godson.


We met at Astons by coincidence where he was one of the first to taste the newly created ieat Superburger. He was also one of the first ones to blog about ieatishootipost. An ardent foodie who does not compromise on taste, he and the holyfamily comprising his Holybunny and his Holybro can eat so much that one can only cry “Holy Macaroni!”


Don’t be misled by her apparently genteel nickname, she can be quite opinionated, K?


Doesn’t know the word STOP. Unlike the rest of us, Holybro still has room to grow and he is making use of that excuse to eat as much as he can.


A lady who keeps insisting that 45kg is fat (Well it is IF you are 1m tall, and she’s not). If not for the fact that she still eats despite complaining, I would have diagnosed her with anorexia. Jems is out there to prove that one can still be a foodie but not like all the good stuff like lard and chicken skin. Jems is our food correspondent for the West and also our moderator in the forum.


Always on a lookout for good deals, Wahcow keeps our forum updated on all the latest specials from the magazines he reads, then complains that he can’t keep up with his credit card payments. In which case his Cowpeh and Cowbu comes in to help chew the curd. He is another of our upcoming photographers so watch out for his pics on the blog.


Our resident Soya Bean expert and the forum’s most eligible bachelor, he is known in the forum as
Adonis, He-Man the Master of the Universe, and Captain Marvel! He is very much available but only if you are a Tau Huay, Tau Hu or Tau Nee. Tau Poks and Chao Tau Hus need not apply.


The woman who used to be known as winelearner. I guess she has learnt enough.

Fashionfoodie – A big name in the fashion industry, this Teochew ah Hia has access to all the gourmet food in Singapore, but still prefers to eat a simple steamed Peh Dor He anytime!

Amagada – The woman behind ieat

and the list continues……

New members keep getting added, so if you think that you would like to vicariously waste some calories for the benefit of others, then do join up at the forum and come for our next makan session!

What to do next?

Check out what these guys are up to by visiting the FORUM! See you there.

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