All Natural Kitchen: You make me feel like a Natural….Man!

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Chicken Wraps $4.50

Ok, time for a post to highlight some healthier stuff for our gym going, organic insisting, calorie counting friends who want to make sure that their tight T shirts remain comfortably tight but not bursting at the seams.

Yes, there is a market for people who want to eat chicken breast without the skin and all natural mayonnaise that is whipped by hand instead of being churned in a industrial vat. It is the same people who would for brown rice, whole wheat, whole grain, no artificial this and that stuff. In order words, the good stuff that they used to grow in the farm before the advent of genetic modification, pesticides and hormone injections to increase the yield of the harvest. All good intentions aside, these are the very people who are contributing to the global food crisis by insisting that we grow our food slowly. OK Ok, I am just joking, its good to be natural – just like armpit hair is also very natural.

Anyways, if you have just had a 3 hour workout at the gym, the last thing you want to do is to put back all those calories that you just worked so hard to get rid of — Unless of course you are in the gym to burn calories in order that you can eat more. So what do you do if you are also on a tight budget since you have already spent all that money on the gym instructor and the latest gym gear? You do what most Singaporeans do when “money no enough” and head down to the hawker centre where you can spend the minimum cash for maximum satisfaction. But here is the dilemma, Char Kway Teow has too many calories, Chicken Rice is full of hormones and Yong Tau Foo is probably laden with trans-fats from deep frying in palm oil. So what to eat?

Enter Kenneth, our twenty something year old, half Eurasian, quarter teochew but “all natural” Engineer who got so fed-up facing the problem everyday that he decided to open a stall to sell the things he would like to eat after a gym workout. All natural kitchen is not called “all natural” for nothing. Kenneth makes all the sauces here using natural ingredients. I guess natural means no stuff like artificial enhancers. After all, if you are already on artificial enhancers to build up your physique, you won’t want to overload yourself would you?

One of the popular dishes here is the toasted tortilla wrap which is filled with roast chicken (with no skin), fashionable lettuce (not iceberg) and fresh tomato salsa. Not bad and I especially like the spiced yoghurt sauce he provides with the salad. Think healthy and it can be quite shiok. 3.75/5

If you are looking for a wholesome breakfast, you can go for the wholemeal pancakes with raw honey. Tastes really healthy. Know what I mean? 3.5/5 OK, I admit I still prefer my Pratha but when you are struggling to keep your belt buckle from slipping under an ever expanding belly, this is what you should be eating right?

Kenneth had to hide behind the counter because he didn’t wear his tight T shirt that day and was too shy to let us take a picture of his abs. Damien insisted that he should be tagged under “Hawker Hunks” though I felt he was more of a “Metro” Male. Well, you guys can tell me what you think.


Eat healthy food, it’s good for you.

All Natural Kitchen

Amoy Street Food Centre #02-110

Opening hours:
Other Info

Open for Breakfast and closes around 4pm

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