Pepsi’s Latest Crazy Football Ad

You got to hand it to Pepsi for coming up with the the most creative and crazy ads! In their latest promo, they got together five of the biggest names in soccer and put them in the most outlandish situations. They even got Fabregas dressed up like Indiana Jones in the Amazon and Lampard doing a Jackie Chan style kick in Hong Kong!

Pepsi Max is their latest Zero Calorie drink which is just being launched in Singapore. Nowadays I always go for a low calorie soft drink as an alternative to the normal soft drink which can have as much as 6 to 10 teaspoons of sugar. That means I can save around 130 calories by drinking low calories. Of course you can always drink ice water, but a fizzy drink does help to cut through all that fat in a Char Kway Teow or Hokkien Mee.

In their latest Pepsi promo, they are running a competition where you can stand to win 4 52 inch HD TVs, 4 Playstation 3 sets, 10 Astral boards and 10,000 limited edition CableSea poster. I am sure fans of the popular online role playing game will be quite pleased. All you need to do is to buy either a 1.5L bottle of Pepsi or a six pack and cut out the instant win sticker and see what you have won. More details and a better video of the Ad can be found at the Pepsi Singapore website.

This Advertorial is sponsored by Pepsi

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