A Happy New Year to one and all!

Here’s wishing all our readers a very Happy New Year!

Although 2009 looks to be quite a rough year ahead, we all know that there is always one thing that brings joy to the heart and that is food and friends. So even if we got to cut down on the more expensive gourmet meals, we can still gather with friends at the hawker centre and have a good time. So we will continue to source out the best and most value for money eats around Singapore. Remember that you too have a role to play by letting us know your favourite eating places.

The blog is now in its 3rd year of existence and very soon we will reach 5 million hits. Thanks for all your support and also to our makan kakis who have been organizing the various makan sessions. Now, if you have been a lurker, please do come out of the closet this year and post a comment and then come and join one of our makan sessions so that we can get to know you! Our makan kakis are a friendly and welcoming bunch and it really doesn’t matter if you are a chef or if you can’t tell the difference between basmati and jasmine rice. As long as you like to eat and make new friends, you are most welcome to join us. The makan sessions are organized through our forum which you can access here.

This year, we will also be having our very first overseas makan trip which is being organized in conjunction with Canon. During our trip to Penang, we will be joined by prominent Penang bloggers CK Lam and Penang Tua Pui. I look forward to meeting with some of our readers who have signed up for the trip.

I am also looking at upgrading some of the functions of the blog to make it more user friendly for everyone. Throughout the year, I have been receiving many feedback on how the blog layout can be improved and I am seriously considering a change to the WordPress platform so that I can introduce more functions to the blog. So look out for a revamped ieatishootipost this year.

Even though we will be making changes to the blog, rest assured our mission blurb still remains the same:

Mission Statement

ieatishootipost is dedicated to giving you
24 hour access to information
which will help you satisfy your hunger
or make you more hungry.

Thank you very much for reading and I wish everyone a Fantastic New Year of Food, Fun and Friends!

Resolutions for the New Year:

  • Yes, I have been a lurker for long enough, I am going to post my first comment and wish everyone a Happy New Year! Click Here
  • I have had enough looking at pictures of other people enjoying food, I am going to join the forum and go for the next makan session: Click Here
  • Nah, I still like to keep to myself and lurk around. Click Here.

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