Old Signboard Fish Porridge Bukit Timah Food Centre Part 3 of 5

If you are in the Bukit Timah Food Centre and feeling guilty about all the lardy, artery clogging stuff that you have eaten the night before, then have no fear! There’s a pretty decent fish soup stall in the food centre where you can make your confession and receive a pardon. The stall makes it very clear that they have been around since 1966 and that’s a good thing. They serve both Batang and the more expensive Red Grouper. My wife who is the fish soup afficianado said the fish soup was really good and the fish was fresh. I felt it was a decent bowl of fish soup and better than most. 4/5

Fish Porridge

Bukit Timah Food Centre (Up the stairs look to the left), Singapore 588172
Opening hours:
11:30AM to 3:30PM

  • ricohflex

    The English name of this fish soup stall, is Quan Xiang.
    Quan – spring ( as in “spring water”)
    Xiang – fragrant