Mr Prata: Pizza or Prata? How about both?

Pizza Prata $6

It was bound to happen sooner or later. We already have cheese prata, so it doesn’t really take much more effort to add tomato paste and a few capsicums to turn that into a Pizza Prata.

In theory that should work quite well. But I think the problem is that perhaps the people making the prata have never actually eaten pizzas themselves. So their idea of a pizza is anything which has tomato paste, cheese and capsicum. And for the meat, they use their spiced mutton which is the same one used for the murtabak.

So the end product is still more like a Prata rather than a Pizza even though they even cut into wedges to resemble a pizza. Tastewise I found it a bit dry and uneventful. It is supposed to be eaten with curry though, in which case the classic Murtabak still has more kick. 3.75/5 What I would really like to try is one with pepperoni in it. I think that would give it a bit more flavour and moisture.


Something to try perhaps. I think it is a good idea, but the recipe can do with a little more tweaking.

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