Youth Hawkerprise: The face of our next generation of Hawkerpreneurs!

The Next Gen Hawkerpreneur!

I am very excited about this group of NTU students who have set up a website promote Hawkerpreneurism to a new generation of aspiring Hawkerprofessionals.

Slowly but surely, a new generation of Singaporeans are realizing that our old generation of hawkers are retiring and there is no one to take their place! Yet there is still a huge demand for Hawker food that is made with passion and commitment and this surely represents a very big opportunity for those with a spirit of enterprise.

Understandably, the hawker trade is not glamorous. It is a lot of hard work and long hours. But for those who succeed in making a name for themselves, the results can be rewarding. By showcasing a new generation of hawkers who “have made it”, we can hopefully change the general perception of the hawker profession and make it another viable option for young Singaporeans searching for their life’s work.

If there is one thing that unites all Singaporeans, it is our beloved hawker fare. To many of us, having a hearty yet affordable meal with our family and friends in our favourite hawker centre is one of the joys of living in Singapore. With the government building 10 new hawker centres within the next 5 years to meet the needs of residents in growing estates such as Tampines, Sengkang and Jurong West, there will soon be more affordable food options available. It is estimated that 400 to 600 hawkers will be needed to fill up these new hawker centres.

The Youth Hawkerprise campaign started by 4 graduating NTU students, thus seeks to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in youths who are passionate about the culinary arts, and aims to inspire them to start their own businesses as young hawkerpreneurs.

The campaign will feature two key events – a photo exhibition held in Tiong Bahru Market from 19 Jan to 7 Feb featuring promising youth hawkers, and a workshop for aspiring hawkerpreneurs on 26 Jan where speakers like Elim Chew and KF Seetoh will be sharing their thoughts on the hawker business.

If you feel passionate about preserving our hawker culture, then get involved! To get more information about the campaign and find out how you can participate or support our youth hawkers, visit

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