What I do with your recommendations

Many people have written in to recommend food that they would like to see on this blog. Some of them have been featured, whiles others are still on the to-do list. Usually what happens when you write in your recommendation is that I cut and paste it on an unpublished blog so that I can review it everytime I look for new places to blog. Currently I have a very long list of recommended places to eat, so it is going to take a while to go through all of them. So what I do is prioritize. Let me just tell you what factors would push your recommendations up to the top of the list:

  1. Novelty: Anything new and unusual will surely get my attention
  2. Multiple recommendations: When several people write in to recommend the same place
  3. Familiar makan kakis: It is important for you to adopt a pen name so that you can establish yourself as someone who gives good recommendations. More importantly, at least I know who I can blame if the food really cannot make it! : )
  4. Adequate information: If you give the name of the stall, the opening times, address and contact details it would take less effort for me to get there. Even better if you provide a link to another blog or review with pics of the food!
  5. Your persuasive powers: Some people write in to say that a certain hor fun is good. Some rave about it like nobody’s business. It is really up to you to sell your favourite eating place. I don’t like to blog about mediocre food, so if you write in to say a particular dish is pretty OK, it stays at the bottom of the list. If you feel it is really really good, then be prepared to stick your neck out and just say it is a die die must try!
  6. Persistence: Don’t give up, if you don’t see your fav stall appearing on the blog, remind me again!

Again, thanks for all your recommendations!

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