Tian Kim Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee: Why do Standards of Hawkers drop?

This Stall is Closed

How many times have you heard this phrase: “Aiya, they used to be much better but now standards dropped already!” Too often, if you ask me.

Why do hawker’s drop their standards? Is it because they lose their passion or is it because things are getting more expensive and they have to cut corners. Or maybe they got so famous that they don’t feel they need to put in so much effort anymore? Sometimes it may also be society’s need for healthier food that pressure hawkers to cut down on lard and msg. I think another factor is the role of the National Environment Agency who clamp down on a lot of practices such as the use of charcoal fires for instance. I think that they are responsible for the diverging standard between Singapore and Malaysian street food . (tastiness as well as hygiene)

Whatever the case may be, this particular Hokkien Mee must have dropped in standards. They are quite well known and have been around for over 20 years and some people have recommended them. Heck, even Andy Lau comes here to eat the Hokkien Mee. (Don’t know low long ago lah)

This is the second time I am eating it and my response is as the first time. It’s good, but not ravable. Better then your average food court Hokkien Mee to be fair, but with so many nice Hokkien Mees nearer home, there is no compulsion to come all the way here to eat this. Something I would order as a side dish when I come here for the Wanton Mee next door. 3.75/5

The interesting thing about this stall though is that they also sell Hokkien Fried Rice who looked quite good. Maybe I’ll have to give that a try the next time.


Any fans out there who would like to defend their favourite Hokkien Mee?

Tian Kim Fried Hokkien Mee

209 Jalan Besar (Sam Leong Road)

Opening hours:

11:00 AM to 5:30 PM



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