A True Sea Farm to Table experience – at Shi Tang by Mahota Kitchen

Nonya Fish
Sea Bass Fish with Nyonya Sauce ($24)

Diners at  Shi Tang by Mahota Kitchen at Century Square Tampines may not know this, but all the fish they eat at the restaurant is probably harvested within 24 hours from a sea farm just north of Pulau Tekong!

Another fact diners may not know is that the same people who run Shi Tang also operate Prime Aqua Sea Farm and the processing facility!  They are also the people behind the Prime supermarket chain. That means that you will be able to eat fish at Shi Tang which are super fresh at really good prices!  It’s a true sea Farm to Table experience.

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Let us take you on a trip to the aqua farm so that you can see it for yourself!

Farmers at heart

Our journey started at Changi Point Ferry terminal where we travelled for 20 mins by boat (it’s quite a distance) to Prime Aqua Sea Farm located north of Pulau Tekong.

Prime Aqua Sea Farm - floating farm that spans over the size of 8 football fields
Prime Aqua Sea Farm – a floating farm that spans over the size of 8.5 football fields

The farm is located where there is a good exchange of water and the relatively strong currents makes for a lower risk of bacteria growth and firmer fish meat.  There are also hardly any other farms within the vicinity in sight which further reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Boat ride to the sea farm

The family started out as pig farmers in Punggol.  When pig farming was phased out in Singapore, they moved to China where they continued to farm pigs and vegetables.  At the time, they also started Prime Mart but they are still very much farmers at heart.

Young Fish Farmer - Marcus Ng
Young Fish Farmer – Marcus Ng

Our guide at the farm was Marcus Ng (also related to the family) has been living on the farm for the past 2 years and is very dedicated to his job of running the farm operations.   He goes to the “mainland” for only a couple of days a month.

Prime Aqua Sea Self-sustaining farm

Solar Panels power 80% of the farm's electrical needs
Solar Panels power 80% of the farm’s electrical needs

The farm has always generated its own solar energy until recently when electrical needs increased because of the need for water filtration. They also run their own desalination facilities and rainwater catchment to serve their freshwater needs.  They try to be as eco-friendly and self-sustaining as feasible.

Dark covering cools the entire farm and helps to simulate deeper waters
Dark covering cools the entire farm and helps to simulate deeper waters

The dark coverings above the nets not only provide a cooler, more comfortable environment for the workers, they also help to stimulate the same lighting conditions for the fish in the wild which are bottom feeders.  This helps to keep the crimson color of the snappers vibrant.

Automated feeders reduces man-power
Automated feeders reduce man-power

We were quite fascinated by the automatic feeders that spit out fish feed on cue based on timings set by the fishermen.  We’re told that the feed does not contain any hormones or antibiotics.  These automatic feeders really help to reduce manpower and improve yield.

shi tang - fish feed
The size of fish feed increases as the fish grows bigger

The floating farm that spans over 8 and a half football fields produces 600 tons of fish a year. Mind you, this only accounts for less than 1% of Singapore’s fishy demand.  They are setting a goal to produce 1,000 tons next year, in support of Singapore’s 30/30 vision where we will produce 30% of our local needs by 2030.

Social Visits to the Sea Farm soon

The farm is decked with broad board walks and even an upper flour with deck chairs!
The farm is decked with broad boardwalks and even an upper floor with deck chairs!

One of the things that struck us at the farm was how calm, tranquil, clean, and organized the place was.  They currently only receive commercial buyers at the farm but they have just been granted a tourism license, and would soon be able to host visitors!

Dr Leslie catches a Red Snapper
Dr Leslie catches a Red Snapper

We are hoping that they will have overnight stay facilities as we can imagine how nice it would be to chill out here, away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland while learning about fish farming, perhaps enjoying a spot of fishing and definitely feasting on really fresh seafood.

Red Snapper
Freshly caught Red Snapper

Shi Tang by Mahota Kitchen – Homely food, Cafe Style

Kampung Chicken with Crispy Butter Garlic ($13.80), Stir-Fried Black Fungus with Cabbage ($9.80), Hakka Crispy Pork ($11.80), Steamed Red Snapper with Crispy Chye Poh ($24)

Special $9.90 offer for the Red Snapper

It was amazing to see the Red Snapper from the farm appearing on our table!  The fish was perfectly steamed and topped with crispy fried chye poh. The flesh was tender and sweet, a testament to the freshness of the fish and the fact that it was reared in flowing seawater.
To enjoy the $9.90 Red Snapper promo at the moment, simply add Red Snapper once you hit min $60 in your shopping cart and use Promocode: red990
Free Delivery with $100 spend, self pickup option available

While super fresh fish is a key selling point of Shi Tang, the chefs there are also very competent with their wok skills and there are a number of Zi Char dishes worth trying like the Kampung Chicken with Crispy Butter Garlic and Hakka Crispy Pork.  Both of these are rather moreish and you won’t be able to stop eating them!

The stir-fried black fungus with cabbage looked deceptively simple but was turned out to be really delicious! It had a good amount of wok-hei and the scrambled egg provided a nice contrast to the sweet crunchy cabbage.  It’s something grandma might have cooked at home, but with wok hei!

Big Head Prawn Porridge ($26)

The big head prawn porridge that comes served bubbling hot is one of the popular dishes at Shi Tang and we can understand why.  The tomalley from the big head prawns gives an umami kick to the lovely stock and the pumpkin gives it a vibrant color.  It is certainly something very comforting to have not just on rainy days, but also on days where you feel that you deserve some tender-loving self-care.

Special Buy-1-Get-1-Free Deal

Steam seabass
Steam Seabass with Black Garlic Sauce ($16.80)

Apart from the special $9.90 Red Snapper deal, they are also offering a Buy-1-Get-1-Free deal where you can pick any seafood (steamed or fried) and get another seafood dish (steamed or fried) free, both with the sauce of your choice.

We had the steam seabass with black garlic sauce and selected the baby bamboo clams with Kumquat sauce as the second item.  The seabass was very fresh of course and did not have that muddy smell that you get if the fish had come from fish ponds with stagnant water.

The black garlic sauce was really nice but the Kumquat Garlic didn’t quite work with the baby bamboo clams for us. The thing here is that you get to decide if you like your fish/seafood steamed or fried, then decide which of the eight sauces you like the chefs to use.  While it may make you feel empowered, getting the right combination may not be so straightforward!  If in doubt, just ask the staff for their suggestion!

Crispy Bamboo Charcoal with Yam Paste ($5.80) & Crispy Brown Sugar Sesame Glutinous Rice Cake ($4.80)

The chef at Shi Tang is quite inventive and re-imagined the well-loved Orh Ni (Yam Paste) and Nian Gao desserts.  While they were a nice way to end the meal, it is not something you’d specially go there just to eat, know what I mean?

Located at Century Square Tampines - #01-11
Located at Century Square Tampines – #01-11

We really like the decor and ambience of Shi Tang.  It has both the vibe of a happening Cha Chaan Teng while having that laid-back Cafe feel.


Mahota Kitchen storefront
Located at Century Square Tampines – #01-11

Shi Tang by Mahota Kitchen is probably one of the very few restaurants in Singapore that offers a true farm-to-table experience where they rear, harvest, process and cook the fish for you!

Happy Eating!

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Shi Tang by Mahota Kitchen

Shi Tang by Mahota Kitchen

2 Tampines Central 5, #01-11 Century Square
Singapore 529509
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Opening hours:

Daily: 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM

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