My First Ever Blog

Being the technology laggard that I am, I have at last started my new adventure into the world of Blogs.

I had initially intended the title of this blog to be known as “Unsangkarable” which I believe means unpredictable in Malay. I thought this was a kinda rare, sophisticated type of word. But as it turns out, the title has been taken. Just shows how much of an ignoramus I am.

Anyway, this blog is intended to be unpredictable, which is another word for unplanned, which means that it is just full of chapalang stuff. It should probably revolve around faith, family, food, photos and whatever other chapalang stuff might turn up.

Now to find out if this post works.

Just in case you are wondering, this is a picture of a wonderful durian brulee that I had at My Mum’s Place last weekend. Smooth texture with a strong durian aroma. Must try!!

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