Lim Hai Sheng Carrot Cake: Its good to be Hao Lian (proud) when it comes to food

I think it has been some time since I was reminded that Teochew people are really “Hao Lian” (proud). Well, at least they are really proud of their food. We Teochews call such people “Hao Lian Bah” (proud male). Ah Bah in Teochew is the equivalent of “dude” whilest the “dudet” is call “Ah Niah”. Interestingly, I have only ever heard of a “Hao Lian Bah” but never a “Hao Lian Niah”. So perhaps it is only Teochew men who are “Hao Lian”.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, if you have never met a “Hao Lian Bah” then you can find one right here at this stall. Actually, before he turned up, his wife was modestly telling us about their Chai Tow Kueh, about howut how they actually steam their own carrot cake in a small factory and how they supply these freshly made carrot cake to other hawkers.

But when the Teochew Ah Hia turned up, he brought it to a whole new level. The way he extolled his carrot cake was so good that both soundman and I found ourselves sitting in Bedok food centre at 7am in the morning just a few days later!

Jokes aside, the carrot cake here is indeed very good, and if the boss would have us believe it, even better when he is welding the wok ladle. Aside from the fact that they make their own carrot cake, they also employ an interesting method of spraying fish sauce over the carrot cake during the frying process to ensure that every bit of the carrot cake is coated with savoury goodness. 4.5/5


It was Gordon Gecko that said that Greed is Good, an axiom which is seldom used in Wall Street nowadays. Well, I might say that in this case, Pride is good. pride in your craft, pride in the freshness of the ingredients, pride in the way things should be done. Pride doesn’t stop at good, it doesn’t even stop at very good. Pride only stops at the best. After all, you do need something to brag about when you are a recalcitrant Hao Lian Bah.

Thanks to Sen for the link!

Lim Hai Sheng Cooked Food

Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-09 Singapore 560724
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Opening hours:
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The uncle can be found at their other stall at Bedok Blk 216 food centre in the mornings

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