ieat’s inaugural Beef Appreciation Session!

Photos by ijeff and greengrocer

Well, judging by the response of the kakis from the first Beef Appreciation class, it looks like I need to start organizing Beef Appreciation Session II!

Yes, our participants were introduced to cow anatomy, shown how to cook a beef steak, how to slice it and how to appreciate the difference between grassfed, grainfed, Wagyu and Aged USDA prime Ribeye. I think the only complain was that everyone wished they could have a whole Ribeye steak to themselves!

Once again I have to thank Chef Mervyn of Cookyn with Mervyn and for generously sponsoring the class. We collected $3500 from our participants and all of it will be donated to Goducate for the next ieatihshootipost Community Project.

So what did the participants learn from the event? I will let them tell you in the comments!

If you are wanting to organize a beef appreciation class of your own with a group of your friends, you can contact Cookyn with Mervyn. He does conduct smaller classes where it is more hands on. All the wonderful cuts of beef can be delivered to your doorstep! You can guy them online at The steaks we had that day were all excellent!

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